External building and façade cleaning

First impressions count. The first impression any potential customer has is the outside of your building - is it as clean as it could be? Does it look clean and well presented? Does it need a clean to restore it? If the answer is yes to any of these questions or you're unsure, then contact Ratcliffe Cleaning Contractors for a free appraisal and quotation for external cleaning services. We cover Birmingham, Cannock, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Derby, Coventry, West Bromwich and many more location throughout the Midlands.

External Wall & Facade CLEANING

Over time the external of a building becomes dirty and weathered - we will clean the external façade of your building to ensure it looks clean and appealing to everyone who enters it. Whether it is constructed from cladding, brick or stone we can clean the external walls, gutters, roof and skylights to remove all dirt and grime.

Cladding and brickwork walls can often become covered with algae from the trees surrounding your building, this can start to make your building look green, this can be easily removed using our specialist equipment by our trained operatives. Whether this is high or low level, access is not a problem, we can provide a safe method to carry out the work.

Cleaning services for the entire building

Roofs also attract algae and moss growth, these need to be cleaned to ensure that these do not cause any blockages to the guttering and downpipes. These can be cleaned down using either specialist equipment to fully clean the roof or chemically cleaned to remove the moss and algae.

Skylights become weathered and stop the natural light getting into the building. These can cleaned to remove soiling and allow greater visibility inside the warehouse or factory.
Gutters become full with moss and leaves and need to be cleaned out regularly to ensure they are free flowing, we can carry this service out as a one off or whilst we are carrying out other work onsite.

Fire escape stairs and routes are not used on a regular basis and over a period of time algae and moss growth can become a problem, when it rains or during the winter months when the ground is damp these areas and routes become very slippy and dangerous. We can clean these to remove the any risk of damage or injury to anyone in the event of an emergency.

Pigeon guano looks unsightly and is a health risk to all, we can clean and sanitise the area to ensure it is safe and clean for all.
After being disappointed with a previous clean on our factory floor, I called Ratcliffe Cleaning on the off chance they could get the job completed asap. The Ratcliffe team arrived onsite the following day and completed the clean, I have to say I was impressed, the floor has never looked cleaner and the team were polite and courteous, I would definitely recommend them in the future.
Mike Naysmith

We work across the Midlands, INCLUDING west bromwich, wolverhampton, Derby and Birmingham, so call 0800 294 2887 today!

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